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Cleaning Cornwall - Crystal Clear

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Newquay

carpet cleaning Newquay

Crystal Clear offer a carpet and upholstery cleaning service which extends throughout all areas of Newquay. We are proud to be one of the very few carpet and upholstery cleaning firms in Newquay to be certified by the Clean Trust. We use a truck mounted hot water deep extraction system for the carpet and upholstery cleaning element of our business.

This system:

* cleans deeper than any other available method
* is the only way to destroy bacteria and dust mites
* dries faster than any other known method
* is environmentally friendly
* leaves your carpets residue-free and in a PH neutral state which reduces re-soiling
* help to extend the lifetime of your carpets

Keeping carpets clean isn’t just about the way they look, it’s also about basic health and hygiene. Left unchecked, the carpets in your home become a breeding ground for millions of bacteria and mites harbouring an alarming amount of filth, grease, pollen, mite faeces and grime. This not only affects the way your carpets look, feel and smell, it dramatically reduces their life span. When considering how much it costs to replace your carpets and upholstery and you’ll see that regular professional cleaning makes sound economic sense.

The thoroughness of the extraction system ensures that for residential customers the carpets will immediately be safe for children and pets.

The truckmounts are petrol driven and the vehicles carry 65 gallons of fresh water onboard. Consequently we do not need to use your water or electricity and all dirty water is taken away in a waste tank.

We are members of the National Association Of Carpet Cleaners a professional body that ensures all of its members adhere to a strict code of conduct and have appropriate insurance in place.

Specifically with upholstery cleaning, our experienced technicians will carefully examine your upholstery and assess it according to the type of material and degree of soiling. We will then use the best cleaning method to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without being harmed in any way.

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